Cerita sem 1 #Part 2

On 22.11.2012 me and my buddies go on a one day trip to Melaka. The idea for this trip comes when Ain/Sob got stress out and want to go somewhere where she can released her stress. After a short discussion, the four of us which are sob, ili, mad and me myself agreed to go to Melaka for a one day trip. We set off from college perwira on 21st night, heading to Jasin and spend the night at my grandmama's house.

On the next morning, my grandmama ask me and my friends to help her install curtains for a wedding. Berpeluh ketiak lah juga dok manjat sana sini. Done with our work, we were heading to Banda Hilir for our main plan. To spend time together, enjoy and have fun without any worries or even think about studies.


Muzium kapal yang tak dapat pergi tu T_T
Penyek buat muka :p
Tunggu turn naik Menara Taming Sari
Tak ingat nama tempat ni. Teeheee
Bersungguhnya bercerita
On our way up
Buat muka + penat = munat o_O

Dah kenapa duduk tegak tu

Thanks to all 'buddies' for making this trip happening :)

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